6 Ways to Include Shopping Locally in Your New Year’s Resolutions

6 Ways to Include Shopping Locally in Your New Year’s Resolutions

May Baker


The beginning of the year brings with it an air of newness a fresh start to create new habits, new thoughts and new plans.  Every year, we plan out what to do to be better, smarter, richer, lazier, calmer you name it.  But few remember to add their community to their ever-growing list of New Year’s resolutions.  So this year, how about we consider some ways to add our community and local businesses into our personal growth plan? 


1. Budget for local spending money

A common New Year’s resolution is to create a new budget.  Why not add a little area for local spending? We budget for clothes, for entertainment, a little extra for this or that.  Why not budget a certain amount to spend locally, as well? By spending as little as $25 a month with local businesses, you could add $300 to Ark City’s local income in a year.  If only 100 people did this, that’s $3,600 a year! Now just think about the impact if everyone in Ark City did this. And it all starts with you. 


2.  Pamper yourself locally

New year, new you?  Did you know Ark City and its surrounding area have some amazing ways to bring self-care and local support together?  A number of masseuses work in the area several with a home-based business, others with a storefront.  There are more than a dozen salon options in town, offering a variety of different services and stylists with amazing talents.  There also are plenty of local options to treat yourself to some self-care with bath salts, lotions and a great glass of wine. 


3. Try a new local restaurant each month

I know your resolution is to start working out, eat healthily, lose the holiday weight, etc. (It’s mine, too.)  But let’s be honest at some point, most of us are going to cave and eat something we shouldn’t.  So instead of caving and buying a gallon of ice cream or going to a greasy fast-food restaurant on your way home, why not make a plan that once a month, you will choose a local restaurant to support and fill that craving? 


4.  Check out local gyms

When you get done at that restaurant we just talked about, you can get right back to your resolution by spending 30 minutes at the gym.  There are several great local gyms you can join, and support local businesses and nonprofits at the same time. Also, be sure to look into the many beautiful biking and walking paths around town! 


5.  Pick up those birthday presents at a local gift shop

This year, when you realize you forgot that special someone’s birthday, instead of jumping online and paying for one-day shipping, just stop by one of the local gift shops in town.  Pick up some coffee, chocolates, a book or maybe even one of those little figurines your grandma collects. Here in Ark City, we have many shops, and each one has such a wide variety of gifts that you never really have to worry about not being able to find the “right gift.” It’s just a matter of looking here in town, instead of spending a couple of hours on the computer.


6.  Volunteer for a local nonprofit 

It might not be spending your money locally, but by volunteering for a local nonprofit, you benefit the entire community, and that includes local businesses.  Many local business owners also volunteer or even organize the nonprofits around town, and helping them with their efforts outside of their business also helps them to provide even better customer service and quality products or services. 


If you can’t wait to act on some of these great opportunities to add shopping locally to your new year and need some help finding a great local business, just check out our membership lists here: http://www.arkcitychamber.org/2020-chamber-membership-list-alphabetical